Vision & Mission

Our Vision

At DCS, our vision is to design an environment where students can nurture their character and grow up to be respectable human beings with strong values and a vast knowledge about the world at large. Along with character development, we focus on academics, sports and even adventures. Academics itself cannot define an individual’s character; the various life experiences do. This is a major reason why all DCS boarders are addressed as cadets, who also get the chance to be enrolled in the DCS Cadet Corps. This enrollment is completely compulsory for all students as it aims to teach them how to explore their creativity and make better decisions in life.

With this vision, DCS, one of the Top 10 CBSE schools in Noida, hope to reach out to more students all over the capital city and its surrounding areas in the coming years and present the world with thousands of leaders as well as successful & responsible global citizens, who will leave this world a much better place than they found it.

Our Mission

The mission has always been to inspire the students to embark on a courageous journey that will take them towards the ultimate success in life. With this mission, the owners started the brilliant initiative of Delhi City School, the Best CBSE Boarding School of the country.

Right from the first, there has been 4 major pillars on which DCS stands strong.

  • Academic excellence
  • Leadership
  • Global understanding
Outdoor education
Academic excellence

At DCS, the Top CBSE Boarding School, we understand that all children have their strengths and needs which must be met and challenged accordingly to bring out the best in them.


Here, students are encouraged to lead by influencing the people around them, by setting the right examples in life.

Global understanding

Students are taught right from the beginning, to cultivate a view of the world which is extremely diverse in nature and appreciative of the countless cultures all over the world in order for them to grow up one day to become global citizens.

Outdoor education

Learning based experiences are the most important aspect of studying at DCS, where it is believed that, the education which is acquired through various experiences of life, outside the classroom boosts self-confidence, leadership, teamwork and also responsibility.

With the 4 pillars giving constant strength to our foundation, we hope to fulfill our mission of creating great leaders from the young souls, putting their first step in the world of education through us.

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