At DCS, the Best CBSE School near Delhi we offer Spacious classrooms, state-of-the-art infrastructure combined with individualized teaching style where the academic as well as non-academic requirements of each student are taken care of by the mentors efficiently, for an impressive academic output.


Computer lab

More than 40 latest generation computers have been installed in the fully air conditioned room, to facilitate proper knowledge of computer among the students of the different classes and age groups.


Live satellite teaching

Smart classes have been launched so that the level of education gets a boost with the usage of laptops and the availability of internet connection in all the classes.


Ultra Modern Laboratories

Practical classes, projects and active participation in both of them is an integral part of education, in DCS. This is why we have brought you innovative labs with advanced equipment for physics, chemistry, biology and even math!


Special Guidance for NDA

Students are motivated & trained to join Indian Armed Forces directly as lieutenants through National Defense Academy (NDA). Besides, we provide career counseling to give a specific shape and direction to children's dreams, thought and planning. DCS provides the phase-I coaching for SSB which includes, GTO & other activities along the CBSE Curriculum.

Career Counseling Cell

DCS Career counselors are prepared to help students to navigate their stressful decisions, which may include career discovery, job shadowing, and changing majors. Career counselors help the students to explore career options & recommend courses that match their interests and passions. In order to ensure best performance in competitive as well as in board exams, Delhi City School emphasis the CBSE & NDA exams as per the student area of interest.

Digital Library & Reading Room

The institution boasts of a grand library having approximately 4500+ books related to science, Commerce, religion, computer & literature. A well designed library-media center having wide range of meticulously selected books of all subjects, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, manuscripts; digital content instigates information gathering and learning process. It provides physical or digital access to material.