Top CBSE Boarding School with Hostel Facilities

Separate Hostel for Boys

The hostel is in the school campus' residential, wrapped in greenery and guarded by sturdy walls. There's always security to make sure everyone stays safe. We stick to a set schedule to help students stay organized and build good habits. They follow prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to bring discipline in their day-to-day routine and creates healthy routine for lifetime.

The security measures we have in place create a safe space for students, allowing them to focus on their studies and other activities without worries. Delhi City School hostel is more than just a place to stay; it's a community where students learn responsibility and grow as individuals, and it is the top CBSE boarding school with hostel facilities. By keeping things simple and emphasizing safety, we aim to provide an environment that supports both academic success and personal development. At our hostel, we're committed to creating a home away from home where students can thrive and build a strong foundation for their future.



Mess Facility

Delhi City School has a separate mess hall for students, where students take breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At mass we serve different types of dishes like bed tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinners are served. While preparing the food we take care of proper nutrition and serve nutritious vegetarian meals. Non- vegetarian food is not served in the mess. Extra milk, soups, fruits etc. will be provided on an advance payment basis, when requested by parents. Delhi City School is the best boarding school in Delhi, NCR. Every meal is supervised by the mess incharge. Proper manners will be observed by the cadets in the dining room.

We make our students sharp minded, independent, and versatile learners. We focus on student growth and provide the best hostel facilities. We stimulate our students towards preserving our heritage and natural elements like water, trees, air, and animals. We provide all amenities and facilities to the students.

Safety & Security-CCTV Recording

In the present time, Ensuring the safety and security of students is paramount in today's educational landscape. As a leading CBSE boarding school with hostel facilities for boys, we are keeping in mind the well-being of our students. Recognizing the significance of security, including the installation of 60+ surveillance cameras across the school campus. To enhance security further, we have enlisted the expertise of a retired army officer dedicated to ensuring the safety of all students. CCTV surveillance acts as a formidable supplement to human guards, bridging gaps where the human eye may fall short. This stringent security system not only deters intruders but also plays a pivotal role in preventing incidents like ragging. Choose the best CBSE boarding school for your child's safety and holistic development.


RO Water Purifier Plant

We should leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring pure water for our students. We are conscious of your health and hygiene because we know that ground water is not pure. The water is totally polluted. The only way by which you can make safe from this polluted water is purifier so install RO water purifier in school campus.


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