Separate Hostel For Boys & Girls

The hostel is located in the residential school campus. The complex has well maintained fill with greenery and is surrounded by wall. We provide separate hostel for boys and girls. Round the clock security ensures safe heaven for the student. They follow prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to bring discipline in their day to day routine and creates healthy routine for lifetime.


Mess Facility

Delhi City School has a separate mess hall for students, where students take breakfast, lunch and dinner. At mess we serve different type of dishes like bed tea, breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinners are served. While preparing the food we take care of proper nutritious and serve nutritious vegetarian meal. Non- vegetarian food is not served in the mess. Extra milk, soups, fruits etc will be provided on advance payment basis, when requested by parents. Every meal is supervised by the mess incharge. Proper manners will be observed by the cadets in the dining room.

Safety & Security-CCTV Recording

In the present time, security is priority for each school. Keeping in mind this we installed 60+ cameras in the school campus as well as appointed army retired officer for the safety & security purpose. CCTV is the alternatives option of security guards as where human eye cannot reach. It creates the gap and facilitates by increasing securities system stringently. It will easily caught intruder & offenders as well as help avert ragging.


RO Water Purifier Plant

We should leave no stone unturned when it comes ensuring pure water for our students. We are very conscious about your health and hygiene, because we know that in current time ground water is not pure. The water is totally polluted. The only way by which you can make safe from this polluted water is purifier so install RO water purifier in school campus.